Why Some Women Love Being Single?

Is staying single a problem? The number of women who reach the age of 50 without having been married has increased to thirty percent of the world’s population. Do we have to panic if the world has an increasing number of single people particularly women?

It turned out that single women are happier and healthier. Women become happier as they do not have to deal with arguments and conflicts over any decision. Single women are more independent and more dependable. Single women are more engaged in connecting with their parents, siblings, and relatives. They have more time to mingle and spend time with friends. This makes a single woman free from any obligations from a partner. Research also has shown that single women have much productivity at work compared to married women. Single women could stay and focus more whenever they are at work since they do not have to mind going home right away. Being single gives women the freedom to do whatever they like. Single women do not have to choose the people they deal with. There is no discrimination as to whom they shall communicate with. Single women are more concerned about pursuing advanced degrees. Their level of education is higher compared to married women. The social life of single women is more meaningful. They have enough time to help friends and family and even help their communities. Single women have a good relationship with themselves allowing them to examine their needs better than the others.

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Basically, single women hate explaining about their routines, they do not want to be controlled over their lives, decisions, and money. Women choose to be single as they are more comfortable being alone rather than having someone around them. Single women also do not want stress and problems deriving from any relationships. Women who want to be independent also take their career as their ultimate priority. These women are also perfectionists, if they see anything that does not meet their expectations, they get easily disappointed and do not want to give any chances. Women who are perfectionists do not have patience in teaching their partners how to do things according to their perspective. Women who opt to be single are also selfish. They do not want to share their phones, social media accounts, personal belongings, and even their privacy. They just don’t want to be sharing anything to a partner. They set their own territory that should not be invaded. This is why single women do not like commitment. Disappointments in love life are one reason why women choose to be single. Past relationships and the pain it caused them made them feel bad and create a phobia.

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Some women stay single because of low self-esteem. They feel like no one can understand them or even like them physically. They enjoy being alone as they do not have to care about how they look, how they speak, and how they act around. Women have their special reasons why they want to become purely independent until they get older. We can say that people have their own choices and decisions. We just have to respect how each person wants to live his or her own life. Having a partner is what we always dream of, it might be that some women who want to stay single want to deal with other aspects of their lives that are more important to them.