These 30 Homes Are Shockingly Tiny

Loren’s Tiny Home

Photo credit: Pinterest

The plan for this tiny wooden home once included a toilet but was later removed from the design due to the preference of the owner Loren. He explains that walking a few feet in the rain is not the worst experience in the world. His home consists of a bed, dresser and closet, perfect for the modern day minimalist.

The Environmentally Friendly Pod

Photo credit: Pinterest

Built with a modern twist this environmentally friendly pod was build with sophistication and style in mind. This tiny home was build from recycled materials and made to keep running costs at a minimum.

The Koda House

Photo credit: Pinterest

One of the smallest homes on our list, this unique home known as the Koda house covers a tiny 25 square metres. The structure belongs to Estonian design collective Kodasema and cost £150,000 to develop. It took less than a day to build and can be relocated at any time.

The Most Vibrant Transportable Tiny Home

Photo credit: Pinterest

Vibrant and transportable are just a few benefits of this tiny home. Attach it to a vehicle of choice and it can be relocated anywhere in the world. Perfect for a person who is filled with wanderlust and would like to live in many different places.

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