These Mind-Blowing Photos Taken Before Accidents Will Leave You Speechless

With the surging developments in modern technology, digitally capturing a moment in time has virtually become the mainstream method of documenting events. What’s truly marvelous is that these captured moments are often times so succinct, a camera-shot can make you feel as if you witnessed the event with your own eyes. The same can be said about viewing an accident – we can’t peel our eyes away from seeing it, whether it is in person or even seeing a photo of it. The following photos are snapshots of remarkable accidents taken just moments before they occurred.

Credits: Imgur

Katara of the Southern Water Tribe?

Whether she thought she was Katara or Ariel the mermaid, it’s safe to say she seems like a fish out of water.

The New Michael Jackson?

It seems like this guy was inspired by the late “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if he had a happy ending.

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