The Power of Elon Musk

When we have problems, we often say “we have many problems”. When we plan a business, we usually say “it will cost a lot of money”. When we travel, we usually state “it is gonna be a long drive”. We are used to expressing our thoughts without a specific measurement. This is what Elon Musk wants to change among the people in the world- the power of thinking!

But who is Elon Musk? Elon Reeve Musk as listed by Forbes is the 46th richest person in the world. Musk was also among the World’s Most Powerful People on the Forbes list in 2016 with a net worth of 19.8 billion dollars as of August 2018. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Paypal and Tesla Motors was born in Pretoria, South Africa on June 28, 1971. His mother is Canadian while his father is a South African Engineer.

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Elon Musk likes thinking. He does not want to be saying something without being quantitative. He loves to measure time. Working on every task should be given just enough time frame in order to complete. Musk values every minute and every hour ensuring that this is being devoted to his priorities. It was stated in the article of Mayo Oshin entitled “Elon Musk’s’ 3-Step First Principles” that Musk used to work approximately 100 hours a week for over 15 years and that he does not take lunch breaks, multitasking between eating, meeting and responding to emails all at the same time. This is how productive he is that he does not want to have an extra minute to be wasted if he could still afford to perform more tasks at a time. With his work ethic, it is apparent that he became the man behind the multi-billion companies.

Musk believes that failure is part of success. He believes that every important idea is worth trying. Failing is the result of continuous innovation towards an idea. If we do not fail, we have not tried enough.

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Musk prefers getting into the exact details of any problem rather than simply saying things as problems. If we have talked about water, we do not just say that it is in liquid form that we can swallow in order to get hydrated. We have to say that water consists of hydrogen ions linked to hydroxyl ions with a molecular formula of H2O. Generally, water is important for our existence but more specifically it helps digestion, circulation, and absorption to include the maintenance of body temperature. This is just an example of how we should be creating our explanations on how things work.

The ideas of Elon Musk and his beliefs on the power of critical thinking is just one of the best attributes that he has towards work. He does not stop thinking about how he could make technology able to create a working robot, travel in Mars, fly more cars and boost e-commerce. He is determined to prove that he can stay in Mars once he retires. As the Boss, he ensures he influences his employees. You can see him working with his people even if this means he gets his hands dirty. He usually drives and tests to check his Tesla cars before giving it to the customers. That is how hands-on he is that most people love working with him as he does not mind folding his sleeves and joining his junior employees check the engines.

Elon Musk is undeniably motivated as even he encountered failures on his SpaceX rocket, he does not lose his morale to continue improving his ideas. He does not fear any challenges as he believes there is always a solution that he can get out of anything.
Musk’s love of technology is not just about producing one amazing machine. What he really wants is to change the world’s way of life and make things easier and possible for mankind.
Brace yourselves! Elon Musk is taking us to the most exciting journey of the most advanced technology!