The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle is a mysterious 500,000 square mile area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This section of the Atlantic Ocean has a lot of recorded incidents of disappearance since 1400. Aircraft and ships are said to vanish whenever they pass by the area. Hundreds of plane were not able to land successfully after passing through the mysterious area of Bermuda. The first incident recorded for Aircraft disappearance was the flight to the Bahamas in a US Navy PBM3S patrol seaplane led by Thomas Arthur Garner along with eleven other crew members. The extensive search of this missing seaplane did not produce the plane or any of its passengers. Even during the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, Columbus and his crew reported a sighting of unknown light on the same part of the sea. Those incidents were followed by many more disappearances which involved the loss of many people that were never found again. No trace was even found in Bermuda Triangle of any aircraft or shipwrecked along with its victims who were all gone missing.

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In December 1986, in his plane, a Beechcraft Baron, Walt Wyatt, an Air Force veteran set off from Nassau to Miami. He thought he will be guided by his compass to his trip until he realized that the said compass was broken. He encountered a bad weather so he could hardly see his way while flying. It was reported to the Coastguard that Wyatt was having trouble. The Coast Guard tried to intercept him but the plane began to descend as it ran out of fuel. Being a trained Air Force, Wyatt opened the door of the plane so he could come out of it once it crashes. As how he expected, his plane strongly hit the ocean and initially gave him a head injury when his head bumped into the dashboard. Wyatt, with his vest, rushed to jump into the ocean and saw his plane sinking into the water. This was when the Coast Guard who was trying to help Wyatt lost him until he stopped searching. It was the worst experience for Wyatt and it is a great blessing that he, alone, survived the horrible incident. He shared that the weather in Bermuda was extremely bad, its water has a large amount of phosphorus, and there was heavy rain. He shared that he was hearing barking dogs that he thought was just around but this is, he said, a usual experience of mariners. He said that he never thought he could survive so he was already thinking about his loved ones and how his body could be found once he dies. He was so surprised to wake up in the morning floating in the sea along with the sharks that mysteriously did not swallow him. It was already 9:15 AM when he was pulled up and saved by a ship which ended his horrifying experience at the Devil’s Triangle.

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Some researchers blame Aliens and paranormal activities in the Bermuda Triangle. Many people believe that there is a mystery that covers the said part of the Atlantic Ocean. The halo-like glowing lights that said to be present above the Bermuda which was also seen by Columbus and his Crew in 1400  are said to be UFOs that are responsible in the loss of many planes and ships along with their passengers for many years. “The Bermuda Triangle”, aliens are the ones who took the Flight 19 which went missing in 1945. Scientists try hard to negate the story and justification for the mystery of Bermuda Triangle as they insist that it is the extreme weather condition in the place that causes the aircraft or the ships to disappear. Scientists also explained that the release of methane gas in the ocean is the one responsible for the total disappearance of these victims as methane explodes the aircraft or the plane leaving the ocean with no trace of these passengers.