The Most Bizarre and Hilarious Things Spotted at the Airport

We all know both some amazing and other weird events happening at the airport. It is a place of the start of an adventure and its end. On the list that we decided to make today, you will find some of the best things that got caught on camera at the airport. If you would like to find out some of the more weird ones you will have to read on and discover them yourselves. And, as the famous author Patricia Robin Wood ruff said “the airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you.” To be honest, you might want to scratch the judging part, but let’s move on!

  1. Naughty Santa!

I don’t quite get how Santa got into this situation, it seems really odd. Some would say that he was on the airport to make the people taking the airplane happy, and others would think that he just went with the faster (airport) means of travel for one Christmas.

Or, as the realists amongst us would like to say, he is a bad Santa! In fact, he does look like he is in quite a trouble. I mean it doesn’t take much to notice that with that much security around you! All I would like to tell him. Be more careful next time Santa! Please!

  1. Birds Are Using Planes Now?!

I’ve always thought about this one… What do you think? Do birds have any advantage of taking the airplane? Well, the Prince of Saudi Arabia thinks that they do, and that is why he had 80 falcons transported to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) with the Etihad Airways. And Etihad Airways strange as it might be let him do that. Because, according to the law, as long as the owner has a valid passport, the birds get a transport!

The problem was that they usually were letting people with a maximum of 6 birds. But, once they told the Prince that, he just told his men to get the birds on the plane and they managed by pulling a couple of strings. And there are many more sightings of weird animals at the airport, this is not the only one!

  1. That Face Looks Familiar!

No, not every celebrity has to own a private jet. And yes, when they need to they occasionally take flights… In fact, the beautiful Minka Kelly got spotted just before passing the baggage control and the boarding control. The celebrity spotters love taking pictures like this one!

What I want to know is. How all of the celebrities manage to strike a pose even when they don’t know that they’re being photographed? And also, how do they manage sport such a casual outfit and still look great? Anyways, don’t mind us and keep looking great Kelly!

  1. A Cute Yet Killer Prank!

Airport pickup signs, aren’t they a piece of art? I mean yeah, if you are creative enough and can do well with words…But, the problems arise when you have something weird to say on the sign and you allow everyone to see it…!

When a mother of two got back from a trip in Rotterdam, she was amazed by the greeting she got by her two kids and her husband back in Toronto. The welcome sign was reading “Welcome Home From Prison Mom!” I mean yeah, it can be a great prank to laugh at later, but it sure was an unexpected welcome!

  1. Wake Me Up When It’s All Over!

Don’t you just hate it when you have long haul connection flights and you cannot get your warm and cozy bed to just lie down and rest on? Don’t worry, this creative individual made a make-shift bed using the airport’s furniture… I mean it looks cozy enough, doesn’t it?

Back pain and headache are the things that she will get for doing this. But the important thing is that she managed to get a shut eye, and that’s a big thing when you’re traveling! In fact, a power nap is amazing along with the stretch from this pose she is in because the space you get in the economy is a stretch of the imagination, a bad pun I know!

  1. Desperate Times, Even More Desperate Measures!

Suitcases shouldn’t be used as beds, but this is what happens when you’re taking your child with you! No one knows what the problem with this little girl is… Is she bored, hungry, or is she just tired? Either way, it looks like the suitcase is just the right fit for her and whatever she needs at the moment!

The flight seems to include lots of layovers on the way that they’re heading… I know how she feels! But, the plan of her father really seems pretty innovative and creative! Safety is not his strong side, I mean look at the girl!

  1. It Seems Like It Is A Common Thing!

So, turns out that dragging your child on your suitcase is a pretty common case on the airport. In fact, look at the idea of this father to take care of the entertainment part of the trip… It seems pretty cool, and the girl seems like she’s having heaps of fun, so we’re good!

What we are trying to tell you here is if you keep your child happy and do things to entertain them you will have one less problem to take care about. And if that includes dragging them along the airport, then we say… Why not? This is much better than hearing the baby crying and seeing all those people rolling their eyes at you!

  1. Do I Get A Better Parking Spot!

Parking, not only the drivers of cars need to learn this skill, in fact, here is a clear example that the pilots must learn this skill too! But, maybe it’s not that he doesn’t know how to park, maybe nature called just at that moment… Or, maybe he really skipped that class!

The bad thing to think about here is, if his parking skills on the ground are this bad, then how can you trust him to take you up in the air!?

Anyways, we hope you’ve enjoyed these couple of minutes reading these hilarious and weird sights at the airport. If you’ve liked it please share it and comment on what you liked the most, or leave a comment about your weird sight at the airport!