The Damaging Effects of Smoking

Smokers are just everywhere. It is no longer unusual to see younger people smoke. It has become a bit for smokers to pull a cigarette out of their pocket once every time they finish their meals. Why do people like to smoke? Every cigarette contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive and poisonous chemical compound that is found in tobacco. This is one of the addictive substances that deceives smokers by making them believe that it relaxes or relieves stress. Aside from nicotine, a cigarette contains over 7000 chemical compounds to include arsenic, formaldehyde, cyanide, lead-carbon monoxide, acrolein, and other poisonous chemicals that apparently destroys the body system.

Cigarettes poisonous substances stimulate the chemicals in the brain. Nicotine, in particular, has a drug effect on the brain and body. The moment a smoker puffs a cigarette, the brain gets active causing it to produce adrenaline which induces pleasure and enthusiasm. The issue is, this feeling quickly goes off that smokers will suddenly feel tired and want to smoke again. The same thing happens every now and then which makes smokers think that they need their cigar all the time to alleviate their stress. This then results to cigarette addiction.

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Effects of smoking in the body are serious. Smoking causes age-related macular degeneration or blindness. Smoking leads to type 2 diabetes since it disrupts blood flow in the body especially the legs and feet. This type 2 diabetes usually gets severe when complications with other diseases are triggered by too much smoking. Erectile dysfunction is another result of improper blood flow in the body due to smoking. Since there is less supply of blood in the penis, males lose their sexual appetite and they become incapable of feeling a sexual urge. For women smokers, ectopic pregnancy is prevalent. Women who want to get pregnant should stop smoking months or years before conceiving to ensure recovery of the reproductive system. Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects common to babies whose mothers are smokers. Fertility is also a major problem caused by smoking.

Health issues as a result of smoking are endless. Cancers, gum problems, rheumatoid arthritis, bone problems, heart diseases, psoriasis, premature aging, high blood pressure, and much other life-threatening diseases are the common effects of smoking.
Aside from many illnesses caused by smoking, smokers get older thrice than those who are nonsmokers. Smoking causes tooth loss, thinning of hair, and body odor. You might observe that smokers have a foul body odor which is a result of the different chemical compounds in the cigarette.

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If you spend on a cigarette knowing that it destroys your body, it is never worth it. Smoking gradually ruins your health in and out. Start quitting! Devote your time to exercise, drink lots of water, go to a movie, chew a candy, be surrounded with non-smoking people, throw your cigarettes and overcome the withdrawal syndrome by having a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. You were not born with cigarettes in your hands, it is not impossible to live without smoking. Love yourself and hate smoking!