Offensive Throwback Advertisements That Would Definitely Be Banned Today

Oftentimes advertising is looked at like just the art of selling a product to a certain group of people. But, it isn’t just that, it can also be the art of delivering a message to a certain group of people and hoping that by understanding your message they are going to become your costumers. The 20th century was a time when mass consumerism was increased and with that advertising became more and more important, and in some cases, it was even more important than the product it should’ve been selling. In the following couple of minutes, you’re going to see some of the more outrageous advertisements that will make you think who gave the green light and put them out in front of the public…

Year: 1930 – Put a little “pep” in your step.

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Advertisement is a delicate job, and sometimes people might pass some boundaries. In the case of these “Pep” vitamins they were telling women that in order to manage to stay home and clean, cook and dust, they should drink these vitamins. And to be honest this is just the beginning of the funny and oftentimes offensive advertising techniques.

Year: 1965 – Twice as nice.

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The girl in this ad must be having a brilliant time, simply because as Coca-Cola puts it you need not one, but two six packs of their product to have a blast. The main question is, who would drink two six packs if Coca-Cola?

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