Lift Weights, Lift Your Life!

Do you want to delay aging? Do you want to live longer? Are you dreaming about enjoying aging without suffering from any pains? Start weightlifting!

Staying healthy is everybody’s dream but engaging in exercise particularly weightlifting is not a good idea for some. We normally love to stay in bed and sleep the whole day during our work off. We also do not feel like sweating too much as we do not want to feel warm while doing the exercise. Even stretching would give us a lot of health benefits since it improves muscle tone. According to research, lifting weights helps increase our bone density, it improves our bones elasticity to avoid being easily fractured or injured during accidents. Lifting weights helps strengthen our muscles especially the arms. Lifting weights increase physical strength at its maximum.

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The test of physical strength has been part of competitive sports during the prehistoric era. People used to lift big rocks in order to prove their physical strength. After they have lifted these large rocks, they will even write their names on it, to brag their achievement of being able to lift those huge rocks. The tribes, the Greeks, the Indians and later the Chinese have competed to this sport to get the title of being the strongest man who can lift rocks, bog stones and later on dumbells. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet, and mental approach.” Some of us will try lifting weight only if we have spare time or if we have an enthusiasm to do it. People who do not consistently do weightlifting end up sagging their muscles and having an unwanted figure.

Weightlifting prolongs our life by 41%. A recent study conducted in China showed that in every 100 people, only 5-10 of them are lifting weights, and these 5-10 people who dedicated themselves into weightlifting died at the age of 80-85 years old versus the ones who did not lift weights and did not engage themselves to exercise. Making exercise as a daily habit is good but we have to make sure that we are allotting time for lifting at least dumbbells to make sure that we sweat, tighten our muscles, and get stronger bones. Sweating allows us to release toxins from unhealthy food intake through the skin. It also allows us to release stress since we are able to press our muscles according to our capacity.

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On the contrary, choosing the right barbell or dumbbells is also important as this has to match your weight. We have to make sure we lift that heavy iron without tearing our muscles. Enrolling to weightlifting programs can help us determine the right weight we can carry to our arms and shoulders. Lifting weights are indeed very helpful in extending our longevity but we have to do it the right way. Start consulting a weightlifting trainer or coach and extend your life without looking old!