Kids and Gadgets: Can they be friends?

Many kids love gadgets. They use it for playing their favorite games, watching their favorite videos, listening to songs or nursery rhymes, and browsing different websites. Many busy parents leave their gadgets to their kids to make them behave well and keep them entertained almost the whole day. Most parents take this option so they can work while their kids are busy browsing their tablets or computers.

Is it really a good idea to let your kids get busy with different gadgets? There are a lot of activities that kids can do with the use of computers, tablets or phones. They can play, compete with other online players, chat with their friends and relatives, learn different songs and read. There are even games that will allow kids to write on the screen and learn writing by themselves. With this, experts support a good point in using gadgets for this purpose. Video or online activities develop the kids’ cognitive and analytical skills while visual learning is being improved. It is also beneficial to kids as they learn to find and research for things online by themselves which enables them to work on their homework, projects and other lessons. Learning how to access YouTube, Google, Mozilla or even learning how to navigate is important to keep your kids acquainted with technology. Kids or even adults enjoy and have pure fun and entertainment through addicting games, cartoons, videos, ebooks and browsing the internet.

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On the other hand, computers and other gadgets have unfavorable effects both to adults and kids. Kids have weaker resistance so they tend to get affected ten times more than adults do.

Many toddlers in the world learn to use gadgets faster before they could even utter any word. We sometimes get amazed that a one-year-old baby knows how to scroll down and tap the screen to choose his favorite nursery rhymes or videos on YouTube. But what does it do to kids? Many benefits were already mentioned that contributes a lot to the kid’s development. But we have to be aware that the culprit for various eye problems in kids is due to too much exposure to electronic screens. That is why children nowadays wear thick glasses in order to read. Speech is also affected by kids who are overly exposed to gadgets. Why? Children learn and improve their communication skills through actual interaction with others. Staring at the electronic screen of any gadgets will stop them from communicating verbally as all they do is to see and move objects from their electronic device. Have you experience having your kids while traveling. If they are busy watching or playing videos and games, you are very hesitant to disturb them. This has already prevented you to communicate well and talk about the places and activities that you have for the day. Children who always keep to themselves while navigating their device do not find time to learn real interaction. This results in anxiety or depression as kids could no longer deal with people and do not even know how to interact with them. Controlling what the kids search on the internet becomes a challenge to parents who also work. Many children lose their moral values as they become exposed to adult posts or content.

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We always hear that whatever is too much is not good for us. Gadgets can be shared with kids but only for a couple of hours in a day. When we allow them to enjoy the videos and games, we have to make sure we are with them to guide them about what they see and read. We also have to advise them to keep a certain distance away from the screen to avoid unhealthy eye exposure. The brightness of an electronic screen that we use should also be lowered to ensure we limit unnecessary radiation that could hurt the eyes. Most importantly we have to ensure we let our kids play outside as this is the best activity that kids can have to help them develop appropriately. We should stop treating these gadgets as our free nanny to help us restrain our kids when we are busy. We should also teach them to give allot sufficient time for sleeping to ensure their eyes and body get enough rest. We should not forget that our kids need to grow healthy. We have to make sure, they have more physical activity, and interaction with people.

Gadgets can be our kids’ friends but like any other relationships, we should strictly set a limit.