Is HIV really a Monkey Disease?

Approximately 70 million people around the world have been infected and killed by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The disease that attacks the human’s immune system that sometimes leads to AIDS. HIV is being transmitted to sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, during birth, through breastfeeding, and kissing while having mouth sores or open wounds. Nowadays, the number of HIV infected people is getting higher due to an increase in pre-marital sex, gay relationships, and sexual violence. This results in more HIV patients that struggle in order to extend their lives to months, years or a decade. HIV has no cure. It is a type of disease that cannot be treated with antibiotics or paracetamol. However, this can be slowed down once it is being addressed within 72 hours from exposure to the virus.

There are anti-HIV drugs that can still be taken to somehow preempt the infection to get into the victim’s body. The challenge is you will not find out immediately if you get affected as it stays being unnoticed for a period of time until your immune system can no longer overcome the virus. It usually starts like a viral infection or flu that lasts for 2 to 6 weeks.

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Symptoms are not really fatal so most people won’t worry if they feel like vomiting all the time, if they feel a headache, muscle pains, diarrhea, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, fever, sore throat, with visible marks of not itchy red rash. Sweating is also one among the symptoms that HIV victim could experience. If your immune system is strong, these symptoms may just come and go for a period of ten years without you realizing that it is already something serious. Depending on how long your immune system can contain the virus in your body, untreated HIV will damage your immune system. As stated there is no exact cure for this virus but you can prevent it from spreading into your bloodstream through some medication, healthy lifestyle, and very nutritious food. Eating, sleeping, getting enough exercise, and a positive outlook in life could help a lot in extending your life.

Acquiring HIV should not be kept secret as it does not help you to overcome the disease. You do not want to experience the advanced stage of HIV which leads to AIDS having the following worse symptoms: feeling so tired all the time, extreme weight loss, shortness of breath, severe yeast infection, excessive night sweats, long-lasting fever, purple spots on the skin, diarrhea that does not stop, and unexplained bruises and bleeding. After progressing to advance stage of AIDS, an infected person may live only up until 3 years depending on the lifestyle.

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You might be curious how this deadly disease came to the world causing too much suffering to people. It was in 1920 when HIV-1 subgroup M emerged in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when people in hunters in Congo slaughtered chimpanzees for their food. These chimpanzees were known to be carrying Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) which is almost similar to HIV. Researchers found a strain of SIV in chimpanzees that was too identical to HIV in humans. The researchers through intensive studies have proven that HIV has come from these chimpanzees. It was passed on to chimpanzees when they have eaten some smaller monkeys who carried the SIV. Theoretically, humans in Congo ate monkeys that resulted in the transmittal of the virus to humans. The first HIV case recorded was in 1959 from a man in what is now Kinshasa in Congo. The growing sex trade in the said place was being blamed as the major cause of the HIV spread. Through the years, the infection scattered in the world through transport of people.

There is a lot to know about HIV that would make us fully understand how the virus started. It is important that people become aware of the information about HIV to allow them to address the disease. With all that has been said, giving ourselves enough security and reservation against sexual activities will help us stay away from the HIV menace.