“Hug Prescription”: The Best Drug

Hugging is a magical experience. It is the best routine that we can easily maintain every day! We usually think that hug is just an expression of love towards our friends and family. But there is a deeper meaning and good effects hug has in our body. There are scientific explanations why hugging strengthens the immune system and the best of all it gives us so much happiness. Happiness reaches its highest level through hug by producing too much oxytocin levels that calms our nervous system. If you are having problems with your unstable blood pressure, 12 deep hugs will make your blood pressure relaxed.

A hug is the best way to help people heal.  Science supports that hugging heals sadness, sickness, depression, stress, and many other undesirable feelings.  Hugs help the thymus gland regulate proper balance in the body’s production of white blood cells. Hugs lift the serotonin levels, serotonin is a chemical that is needed to achieve the happiest state of our well being, it is simply the happy chemical. During deep hugs, serotonin reaches its highest peak thus making us happier, calmer and less hungry.

credits – https://www.rd.com/

Depression is due to an imbalance of Serotonin in the body. This is why people with anxiety or in a depressive state should be given a hug in order to calm them.  Serotonin and Oxytocin are both happy chemicals that needed to be properly regulated in the body.  We can notice that antidepressants are made of Serotonin.

You can properly induce these happy chemicals to buy getting and giving a deep hug that lasts 20 seconds. It is important that almost all parts of the body who get and receive hugs should be touching each others’. It is very important that we hug and press our back to ensure that we touch our hearts. With this, our nervous system immediately relaxes and regulates proper blood flow.

We can start killing the cortisol in our body to ease the stress we are experiencing towards our job, responsibilities and personal problems. Imagine what good it does in lowering cortisol while promoting the production of oxytocin, serotonin and even dopamine in our body.

credits – https://happyologist.co.uk

If you think you lack confidence, get a good hug every day and stand out before the crowd. Hug scientifically improves one’s confidence by controlling the impulses of the heart and by having a proper coordination between the brain and the body. Yes, confidence has something to do with our brain and body functions. We become confident if our muscles are relaxed allowing us to happily deal with any situations.

It is interesting to know that hugging also eases the pain which means that you do not need a paracetamol if your feeling joint pains. Imagine the benefits of this free drug to our health and immune system!  If we receive a hug, we get to understand that we do the same. Hugging promotes good relationships among friends and lovers. It is a form of meditation by letting go all the pains and bad ideas. It nurtures our feelings of being appreciated and being accepted in the world.  Hugs encourage love and respect, it makes people understand that nothing is better than loving and caring. That whatever difficulties we encounter, we can just overcome them with a smile. A hug is an investment in love and positivity. It is a feeling of letting go the pain and gladly accept the present moment.

Will you ignore these health benefits of hugs if it is just free?