The Gorgeous Twin Sisters that became an Instagram Phenomenon

Can you imagine having half a million Instagram followers at the age of eight? It definitely does not sound very usual. But then again, Leah Rose Clements and Ava Maria are not so typical girls either. The girls’ major modeling career began with simple comments from the teachers and other parents. These friendly and beautiful twins were not forced into anything against their will either. Apparently, the LA sisters have been called the most beautiful set of twins in the whole world and it is quite obvious why. Now, let’s go way back and see how it all started…

 Early Birds

Usually, mothers expect their newborns to arrive around 36 weeks or so, however, Mrs. Clements got pretty worried when her water broke down almost 4 and a half weeks before the usual due date. It can be scary for future moms to go through such thing as early born babies typically carry lots of complications and even diseases. Luckily for this mommy, Ava Maria and Leah Rose Clements came to this world absolutely healthy.

Beautiful from the Beginning

Usually, when you compare photos of newborn children to more recent ones, you realize that the majority of kids do not look like themselves on the day they were born. Although, it was certainly not the case for these twin sisters. Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements were very beautiful from the day they were born. The big blue eyes and beautiful blond hair had captured people’s attention from their very first day in this world.

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