Global Drowning?

Who can possibly build an Ark like what Noah did during the Great Deep Burst? Have you ever imagined the world drowning in the flood?

Out of 164 countries in the world, India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Indonesia have the highest population who have a greater risk for river floods. These countries, along with some of those who follow them in terms of flood damages have been suffering from a huge loss in livelihood and land value. We have seen many flood victims crying for help and experiencing severe trauma due to hardship and the death of their loved ones. We already mentioned the loss in livelihood, homes, cars, infrastructures, and lands but there is no more painful than seeing your family drown in the dirty water.

The social and economic impacts of flood greatly affect the world. Japan mourned on the 200 deaths of its people due to flood that happened in July 2018. This does not include the over 2 million people who had to evacuate some cities in Japan where homes were swept away. In August 2018, around 400 people died in India due to heavy rains and floods. It was one of worst floods in the history. Kenya has its own share of a painful story in August 2018 wherein 400 people died and over 12 million of their population suffered from the heavy rainfall. These are just a few of the recorded calamities in the world that ruined not just properties but lives of many people.

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How can we try preventing floods to drown the world? For some areas, floods cannot be prevented. Buildings and houses can be built on a higher level where water cannot get in during floods. The design and structure of the house or any establishment should be resistant to floods to avoid damages. It is also important that we prepare before even the rain comes and ensure that people have a very efficient communication to send warnings every minute. The most helpful way to prevent flood is to make a worldwide awareness of climate change. We know that high-temperature results in more cases of rains. If everyone is aware of how we can do good for the environment, this will be a more permanent solution that will eliminate floods all over the world.

Flood defense is a good idea but with the bad habits that people have in terms of waste disposal, pollution, and other human practices, floods will just continue to reach the highest level of damage. It will also be better if we promote tree planting globally to help absorb water and hold the soil and preventing landslides. This means that we can also improve the soil for effective absorption instead of mechanically cultivating it that makes it run along with water during heavy rains.

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It is not easy to have the people in the world meet to work on flood reduction together. What we need to do is act now on how we could personally help to stabilize the environment. If all the people in the world manage their own waste and avoid exploiting virgin forests, we can manage to control climate change and avoid imbalance in weather. Think of what you can do to save the world from drowning, start today.