Dinosaurs in Africa, are they still alive?

Africa’s tropical rainforest is the second largest in the world. Over the years, South Africa has been the favorite spot of Paleontologists for dinosaur fossils. The first noted dinosaur bone discovery in South Africa was in 1845. In September 2018, another species of dinosaur weighing more than 26000 pounds and around 13 feet tall was unearthed in South Africa.

It was identified as Ledumahadi Mafube from the Early Jurassic epoch. It is considered the largest terrestrial animal that lived on earth. It is very robust and one of the fiercest dinosaurs 200 years ago. It is related to the dinosaurs discovered from Argentina, Ledumahadi is a family to the giant long-necked sauropods like Diplodocus and brontosaurus. It was believed that the Ledumahadi just walked from Argentina to South Africa where it died. Ledumahadi is a plant-eating dinosaur that belongs to the genus of lessemsaurid sauropodomorph dinosaur. It was found exactly where other dinosaur giants were discovered in South Africa which is near or on the border of Lesotho.


credits – http://www.abc.net.au/

Natives in Africa believe that some dinosaurs still live in the African thick forests as many of them reported seeing such in the wild. Many kids would love to think that dinosaurs still live today and seeing them around would be a very interesting thought for them. While adults might also get curious how these dinosaurs really look like. Some cryptozoologists were able to collect pictures of possible dinosaurs living in the jungles. This has been supported by natives since they accordingly hear or see some sort of large animals that they have yet to identify. Africans are rich in stories about giant monsters that either died or are still roaming and hiding in the jungles up until today. One of the known aquatic sauropods is Mokele Mbembe of the Republic of Congo which is believed to be a long-necked and an elephant-sized dinosaur that stays in the water. Many people tried to locate the said creature but no evidence was gathered to prove its existence.

The several discoveries of dinosaurs in Africa have been a good way to understand how life on earth transformed through time. Paleontologists are thankful that these fossils were found to show the world how possible it is to eradicate lives on earth at once. Imagine these types of animals that were virtually gigantic and could resist whatever weather condition due to its strength. How could you imagine the biggest and the fiercest animals on earth would diminish due to colds or whatever illnesses. It was estimated to around 100 million dinosaurs live 200 million years ago. Their number diminish as the years went by though birds are said to belong to dinosaurs species. As to this date, there are around 900 valid species recorded. if 900 species have their own number of families, that is how huge their population is from Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period. Dinosaurs have enjoyed roaming around the world during the Mesozoic Era. Dinosaurs have said to have been existed for 165 million years when plants, bodies of water, and land masses were formed on earth.

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With different hypothesis about dinosaurs existence and reported sightings, isn’t it possible that dinosaurs will have another chance to reign on earth?