Celebrities And Their Net Worth’s That Make No Sense

We all know that being in Hollywood comes with its perks. Most of the stars, regardless of what they’re famous for have lots of cash in the bank, but do you know what their net worth is? If you want to find out just how much these people are worth, keep reading!

Denzel Washington – $220 Million

NY Daily News

Whether he is remembered for his role in the American medical drama series “St. Elsewhere,” a cop in “Training Day” or for his role as Malcolm X, Denzel Washington is a household name across America. As the first African-American actor to obtain two Academy Awards, the brilliant actor and filmmaker has come a long way since his 1977 film “Wilma,” packing up a fortune of well over $220 million along the way.

He has also made it to Forbes’ richest actors in Hollywood list. Despite his numerous biopic roles, the 1981 “Carbon Copy” star remains an original version of himself, appearing in numerous awareness campaigns.

Chelsea Clinton – $15 Million


Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. With a far from average family, one would expect this only child to inherit her parents’ wealth, but this Stanford graduate has made a name for herself.

She has earned a fortune of $15 million through her career at McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group and as a board member of the Clinton Foundation. Her top investment banker of a husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is also a successful entrepreneur and has an estimated $15 million to his name as well. “Two shall be become one” definitely applies here, only further adding to her already wealthy status.

Ivanka Trump – $300 Million

The Daily Beast

Not only is she the current first daughter, try adding American businesswoman, entrepreneur, former model, writer and heiress to the list. From designing jewelry to her own line of handbags and footwear, and joining the family business, Ivanka is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million.

This Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania graduate is adding to her millions through the various books she has authored, truly earning that Trump Card and “Playing to Win in Work and Life.” When considering her powerful last name, Trump, and her influential father and the family’s financial status, this is no revelation.