Befriend Your Workaholic Boss

You are home and your phone has been ringing. It’s your boss calling you many times for a job that can be done tomorrow. Do you really have to work at home or stay longer at the office as your boss says you to? You can have your independence! You can stick to your principles.

Having a workaholic boss that stays in the office until midnight or working hard even while at home is a great challenge. You end up turning your phone off or explaining every day as to why you avoided your boss’ phone calls.

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A workaholic boss comes to the office before you arrive and leaves the office even after you go home. A workaholic boss often skips his meals to devote his time to work, does not care about work-life balance, talks about work all the time, checks his email and on his laptop, while having coffee, never gets satisfied with his subordinates’ work, and does easily accept vacation or personal leaves of his employees. These are just a few among the traits of a workaholic boss that makes your life like a roller coaster ride.

The good news is, you can be different. You and your boss do not have to be in the same situation if you do not want to. You can even help your boss realize the importance of work-life balance.

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The quality of your work does not come with the number of hours you devote to the office. Longer hours in the office does not equate to more work being completed. It does not make you a good employee if you stay at the office day and night. Your boss might understand that your work style is different and that you can meet his expectations without staying with him for a longer time. You can let your boss know how you want to accomplish your deliverables and make him understand that you value time. A good boss will definitely respect your time and allow you to complete your task within business hours. You can remind your boss if he tends to forget your boundaries. Proper communication is important.

It is significant that you tell your boss about your activities after work like cooking dinner for your family or probably attending a yoga class. You can even invite your boss if he is interested in joining you at the gym. This is a better way for you to influence your boss and get engaged with healthy activities.

You do not have to be very stubborn when you disagree with sharing extra time with your boss or colleagues. You can somehow spare a bit time if there is any project that needs to be completed at a given time. This also helps foster your relationship with them. Be positive and expect good returns when your boss talks to you. Do not be judgmental, your boss might be calling you to compliment you for a job well done. Working with your boss more than enough at times could upskill you. Appreciating your boss strengths will make his doors open to your suggestions and opinions toward work. Do not escape from your boss, you can influence him because you care.