The Strangest Airplanes To Have Ever Been Built

Heinkel He-162

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The Luftwaffe, the aerial branch of the German military, produced the Heinkel He-162. Heinkel also called this plane the Sparrow. The Sparrow, a jet-powered fighter aircraft, entered the Volksj├Ąger, an Emergency Fighter Program competition for a lightweight fast combat interceptor.

The He-162 proposal won the competition. This aircraft’s prototype contained mostly wood. The German military prioritized valuable metals for other aircraft. The Sparrow first spread its wings and left its nest in December 1944. The He-162 recorded the highest speed of all axis and ally first generation jet fighters.

The Sparrow reached a maximum speed of 522 mph at sea-level and 553 mph in short burst enhanced thrusts. Many of the 320 Sparrows made reside in museums.