The Strangest Airplanes To Have Ever Been Built

Bartini Beriev VVA-14

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Robert Bartini, an Italian aircraft designer, partnered with Beriev Design Bureau, and generated the VVA-14. Bartini and Beriev developed this aircraft in the 1970’s Soviet Union, another creative aircraft from this list forged in the Cold War. The VVA-14 is a vertical take-off amphibious aircraft. Bartini designed the aircraft to ascend from water, reach high altitudes, and fly fast. The VVA-14’s ability to hover and swoop just above the sea through its aerodynamic ground effect was an important trait. Its importance is found in the aircraft original purpose. Bartini created this aircraft in answer to the Soviet Union’s efforts to combat the perceived threat of the United States and its allies. Bartini designed the VVA-14 to identify and destroy United States Navy nuclear missile carrying submarines. The three person crew accessed the aircraft search-and-aim system for high percentage detection and dismantling capabilities. In 1974, Bartini died. Bartini’s death hindered the progression of his aircraft. The VVA-14 participated in 107 flights that totalled 103 hours before retirement. The aircraft rests at the Russian Federation Central Air Force Museum.