The Strangest Airplanes To Have Ever Been Built

Handley Page Victor

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The Handley Page Aircraft Company, the United Kingdom’s first publicly traded aircraft manufacturer produced the Victor. This jet-powered strategic bomber is connected to the British atomic weapons programme for nuclear deterrence. The Victor joined as the Royal Air Force’s third and final member of the V-Bombers. The V-Bombers were a collection of aircraft capable of dropping nuclear weapons introduced through the 1950s.

The Handley Page Victor, the Vickers Valiant, and the Avro Vulcan provided accurate bombing over long ranges. Handley Page created the Victor in three tiers: a bomber, reconnaissance, and tanker aircraft forms. As a bomber, the aircraft could be armed with an array of 34 – 1,000 lb bombs. The Victor equip radars, cameras, and other sensors to accomplish its objectives. In 1982, the Royal Air Force discontinued the Victor and other V-Bombers as weapons platforms.