26 Beautiful Places You Didn’t Know About In The UK

26. Hope Valley, Derbyshire, England


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As the name suggests, Hope Valley is a large rural valley located in Hope, Derbyshire in Northern England. If you visit the valley, there’s also a variety of tourist attractions from hiking, to sightseeing and more.

25. Durdle Door

Dorset, England


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This golden arch can be accessed through a lovely walk from Lulworth Cove. It is great for weekend gateway plan as the beach is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society for its excellent water quality. The only thing you should pay attention to when capturing the lovely views is the steep cliffs on the way down to the beach. Otherwise, it is truly one of the nature’s most beautiful creations.

24. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, Regent’s Park


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This garden located in the heart of London, forms a perfect inner circle of the Regent’s Park. According to many, this is the most beautiful rose garden in the whole city where you can find any type of rose imaginable – almost 12,000 different varieties total. They are everywhere, in their beds, wrapped around benches, and climbing on fountains; a true paradise for the eyes.

23. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England


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A less than two hours ride from London will lead you straight to the capital of bachelor and bachelorette parties in all of UK. The city of Brighton has a lot to offer, but probably the most memorable site is this Aladdinish-looking building located in its very heart. This architectural mix of eastern cultures and grandeur was once built as the seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. Now, all tourists can freely marble at its beauty.


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22. Hope Valley, The Peak District


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Located in the Peak District National Park (the first national park in the UK), the Hope Valley is a large and wide walking country surrounded by the “White Peak” and the “Dark Peak”.  It is the perfect place to visit for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. According to its website, millions of  bikers, pony trekkers, hang-gliders, rock-climbers and potholers as well as artists, anglers and birdwatchers yearly find this valley to be their haven. Due to its close proximity to the cities of Manchester and Sheffield, it is also easily accessible.

21. The Giant’s Causeway

County Antrim, Ireland


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This natural phenomenon consisting of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns resulted due to a historic volcanic eruption. It is located in Northern Ireland about 3 miles northeast of Bushmills, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK. It is well worth paying a visit, we promise.


20. Little Venice, Paddington, London


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This is one of the most charming and calming parts of London that we are sure you didn’t know about. The reason why it’s called “Little Venice” is because of the Regent’s & Grand Union canals lined up with lovely colorful boats at their intersections. A lot of young people and artists are in love with this spot as some of the boats are no longer residencies, but hip and cozy cafes, bookshops and art galleries.

19. St Paul’s Cathedral – inside and outside


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Sitting on Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the city of London, this marvelous 17th century church was designed by Sir Christoper Wren. It was built in the English Baroque style after the Great Fire of London. The same guy was also the architect behind other 52 churches in London alone! If you are impressed by the outside, wait until you only walk inside and you are blown away by the beauty and grace of murals, arches, and wood and metal carvings. No wonder it is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city, and the place of all Royal happenings.

18. Richmond Park, Richmond, London


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A hidden gem, away from the concrete and mind-whirling skyscrapers, this park will make you feel as though you’ve already left the city. It is the biggest enclosed space in all of London, and the largest of the eight Royal parks in the city. Apart from being home to the lungs of the city, this park hosts herds of Red and Fallow deer that can be seen roaming around. You will also find the Isabella Plantation in the park which is a wonderful 40 acre woodland garden. Come and see for yourself why millions Londoners and tourists get lost in this park’s beauty every year.

17. St. Pancras Station, King’s Cross, London


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No, this is not the Harry Potter-famous King’s Cross station, but it is located in the area. Although less famous, it certainly is better looking and draws the attentions of thousands of tourists with its red brick Victorian architecture and interesting structure. However, if you are short on time and worried that you won’t be able to see the more well-known and ‘important’ building, worry not, because there is a tube system connecting both.

16. Sunset from the Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo, London


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Now, we’ve all heard of the iconic tower bridge. Unfortunately, the view from it is nothing compared to that of the Waterloo bridge on sunset. Instead of buying a postcard, do yourself a favor and capture one. This bridge offers a truly magical view of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the rest of Westminster. So, instead of queuing for hours to get on the big wheel, why don’t you include it in the caption for free?

15. Portmeirion

Gwynedd, North Wales


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Designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a Mediterranean lover between 1925 and 1975, this tourist village located in North Wales serves as the perfect retreat spot in the area. It is famous in popular culture and served as an inspiration for artists, writers, and television producers. If you are in doubt, check their website and you’ll be booking a romantic bed and breakfast before you know it!

14. Stonehenge

Wiltshire, England


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We are all pretty much familiar with the story of this magnificent pre-historic monument – bunch of stones in the middle of nowhere. However, you might appreciate it more if you knew that the giant stones standing on Salisbury Plain were built over many hundreds of years, starting all the way back in the Neolithic Age around 3000 BC. Although we are not sure why it was built, our best guess is religious ceremonies. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed by it, and you’ll even want to learn much more after seeing it.

13. The View from The Shard

London Bridge


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For about 25 pounds, you will have one of the most breathtakingly beautiful views and experiences in the whole of London. The building itself is magnificent and the tallest building in all of the city, but there’s nothing more impressive than the stunning views of the London Tower Bridge and the city that it offers. You can make the experience even more memorable by choosing the “+ a glass of champagne” option and treat yourself and a loved one to a romantic sunset.

12. Isle of Skye

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The Isle of Skye is the second largest island in Scotland. This beautiful island is known for its unique and rugged landscape, beautiful villages, and old-time castles.  It also features quite a number of museums, pubs, galleries and amazing restaurants.

11. Penshaw Monument, Northeast England


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This historic monument was built back in 1844 as a memorial to John George Lambton, who was the first Earl of Durham. It’s 16 metres (52 ft) wide and 20 metres (66 ft) high. If you’re ever in the United Kingdom, you can also get tours to the top of the monument where you can get a great view to overlook the village of Penshaw.

10. York Minster, York, England


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The York Minister is one of the largest cathedrals in Northern Europe, with a height of 160m (525 ft). Because of its size and unique architecture, this cathedral remains a quite popular tourist destination in the UK.

9. Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands


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This unique landscape in northern Scotland features a loch (Scottish word for lake) and rugged terrain. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque areas to visit in the UK.

8. The Seven Sisters, Sussex & The White Cliffs of Dover

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These are a series of cliffs on England’s Eastern coast which face continental Europe. They also hold historical significance since they acted as a guard against invasions in the historical times of Europe.

7. Llanthony Priory in Wales


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These are historical ruins located in Vale of Ewyas near the Black Mountains in Wales. These ruins are the remains of one of medieval Wales greatest buildings.


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6. Smoo Cave, Scottish Highland


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The Smoo Cave is sea and freshwater cave located in the region of Durness, Scotland.  The cave is as much as 200 ft long, 130ft wide, and 50 feet high at the entrance. Three chambers of this cave can actually only be accessed by a boat and one of them features a waterfall falling from an overhead sinkhole. This is definitely a must see attraction in UK.

5. Minack Theatre, Cornwall, England

View From The Minack Theatre In Cornwall, England

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This is an open-air theatre which had its very first performance on August 16, 1932 and it still has performances today. In fact, this theatre entertains as much as 100,000 every year during it’s open season between May to September.

4. Fingal’s Cave, Staffa, Scotland


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This is a sea cave located on the island of Staffa in Scotland. This island is uninhabited. However, it is a quite popular tourist destination.

3. St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England


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St. Michael’s Mount is a small island in Cornwall, England which features a castle which was once home to the St. Aubyn family since the 1600s.

2. St. Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall, England


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The St. Nectan’s Glen is a picturesque area in the Cornwall region of England. One of the most famous features of this Glen is its 60ft waterfall which makes its way through various curves and holes in the rocky landscape.

1. Downpatrick Head, County Mayo, Ireland


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This is one beautiful sight out on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland and also hold’s historical signifance as St. Patrick founded a church on this very spot. It’s also a beautiful places to just sit back, relax, as you simple reflect on the beautiful view.