The Strangest Animal Mating Rituals You’ll Ever Hear About


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For Bonobos, no matter the situation or occasion, sex is always a plausible solution. Being one of the last large mammals, bonobos are quite adventurous where sexual interactions are concerned. Their sexual activities range from tongue kiss, mutual masturbations to outlandish rituals like “penis fencing” (two males hanging from branches while they rub their erect penises against each other) and come as a conflict resolution mechanism, a celebratory gift, friendly greeting among other reasons. Despite being more sexually active than other primates, female bonobos give birth in five to six-year intervals to single infants leaving a gap between sex and reproduction.

Banana Slugs

Source: Wikimedia

Having a reproductive organ the size of your body is quite a scary thought if you are not a banana slug, however, if you are then it is necessary to find a mate who is similar in size. These slugs wear their massive genitals on their heads making them hard to miss. When mating, they curl around each other and form a yellow circle inserting their penises and swapping sperm in a process lasting many hours. The slugs extract their organs from each other and part ways, but a mere issue with not being a proper fit may result in the partner chewing it off in a bizarre yet fascinating process.