These Places Are Off Limits To Travelers!


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The Tragic site of nuclear disaster, Chenobyl. On April 26, 1986, catastrophe struck atomic reactor number 4 in Chernobyl. As the degree of the blast turned out to be clear, the Soviet military set up an official Exclusion Zone, an approximately 18-mile range around the power plant. Thirty years after this incident, a significant part of the Exclusion Zone—now enveloping 1,000 miles and furthermore called the Zone of Alienation—is still completely off-limits. Without an official tour guide, access to this area is strictly prohibited. There are military checkpoints set up every few kilometers to ensure safety for all those who do receive entrance into this zone. Your name and international ID must be submitted to controlling specialists within a 10 day time frame. Even with all that access, your id and passport numbers are checked each checkpoint. Definitely a site to learn more about, however a risky place to be for not just the public, but also the personnel who risk their lives to restrict the area on a daily basis.

Area 51

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What’s this article without yet another military hub; the well known Area 51. It stands as one of the many secretive and heavily guarded locations in the world. Located in Nevada, this research facility is aimed at R&D focused on weaponry and aircraft experiments. It wasn’t until recently (2013), that the government admitted to the existence of Area 51 to the public. It begs us to ask the questions: (1) what were researching before area 51 became public knowledge, for whom would this research benefit/detriment, and why did they choose 2013 to make this location public? Needless to say, though we may know of its existence now, it is only accessible to appointed government personnel.

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