These Places Are Off Limits To Travelers!

The world is an odd place, we think we know so much yet we know so little. The fact is, there are many places on the planet virtually inaccessible to 99% of the human population. Whether for reasons of military secrecy, religious preservation, or national safety, these 40 places are just the tip of the ice berg. Let’s take a look at some of the places we’ll likely, never get to enter during our lifetimes.

Pine Gap

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If you weren’t already thinking it, then perhaps now you’ll wonder why this image seems like it was taken during WWII. The reason is that it is a restricted area, comparable to that of Area 51. Located in Australia, Pine gap is the combination of boundary surveillance and control. Enter this area by land, sea, or air, and you will be signing your death wish. Actually, they’d probably detect you coming miles before you arrive. As one of the acting extensions of U.S. surveillance, this facility is operated by appointed government security personnel only. At one point, a CIA operative was the president of this facility. Of course it goes without saying that anything to do with Pine Gap, is strictly off limits to regular folk like you and I.

The Svalbard Seed Vault

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Like a scene from a sci-fi film, we see the marrying between the human and non human. Though it looks like a facility which engages in questionable research, it may actually be the future of the planet as we know it. The Svalbard Seed Vault, was constructed as a large storing space for seeds in the event a large scale disaster (man made or natural) were to befall our planet. The goal for these seeds is to bring new life to a dying planet in case of emergency. The variation of crops within this vault is the largest recorded in history and in one location. Of course, in hopes of maintaining national security, only a few top-tier individuals are allowed to have access to this place. At least we have this wonderful image to remind us of frontier yet untapped.


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Have you ever heard the controversial articles which come from WikiLeaks? Well Bahnhof, is the Swedish home to this journalist organization as it provides server space for WikiLeaks to operate. An interesting fact about WikiLeaks is that it has access to government information which should be heavily restricted, clearly illustrating their access to insider informants. A second interesting fact is that Bahnhof currently, can’t face prosecution/investigation under Swedish law by hosting such a controversial client on their servers. The servers are located in a bunker known as Pineon which is both heavily guarded and top secret. As for the location of WikiLeaks, it remains elusive, and only available to trusted volunteers who aim to support the movement of ‘opening governments’.

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