Rare Historical Photos

The Baby in the Shanghai’s Railroad Station in 1937

Photo credit: Rare Historical Photos

In what was known as “Bloody Saturday”, this image was taken following an airstrike on the Shanghai south railway station during China’s war with Japan. The baby is sat crying just a few steps from it’s mother who had been killed in the blast. It was taken by a photographer name H.S. Wong and it was deemed to be one of the most powerful pieces of propaganda ever produced. It enraged the western people once it was released into the public because they could see the damage and civilian casualties being caused by the Japanese.

Mother and Daughter falling form fire escape in 1975

Photo credit: Rare Historical Photos

This photo was taken by Stanley Forman and shows a mother and 2 year old daughter falling from a fire escape in their building. A fire broke out in their building on Marlborough Street on the 22nd of July 1975 and the mother was stood with her daughter at the edge of the fire escape as it was the furtherest point they could get from the extreme heat. A ladder was approaching them from the firemen down below and within seconds of it reaching them, the fire escape collapsed beneath them. The mother, who was named Diana Bryant, died in the hospital following her severe head injuries for the fall and the two year old survived as her mother’s body cushioned the little girls fall. The drop was nearly 50 feet.