The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


Madeira Airport, Portugal

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Can we all agree that at the very least Portugal’s Madeira Airport looks cool?

In 1964, Madeira Airport opened. Its straight-forward name descends from the Madeira archipelago in Portugal. Designers equipped this airport with a 1,600 metre runway bridge.

As the Madeira island progressed in popularity, its airport’s runway grew. By 2002, Madeira’s airport measured 2,781 metres.

In 2016, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, the operator, renamed Madeira Airport after a hometown kid turned global celebrity. Madeira Airport unveiled their new name – Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International.

That same year, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal invested €11 million in renovations. Madeira Airport claims the capacity to accommodate 1,400 passengers per hour.

Madeira Airport’s innovative design challenges pilot’s abilities. ANA Aeroportos de Portugal permits only pilots with specific training to land at its airport.

The History Channel places Madeira Airport in the ninth slot of the world’s most extreme airports.