The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


Svalbard Airport, Norway

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How about that view?

Avinor owns the Svalbard Airport in Norway. Technically, the Svalbard archipelago, where this airports sits on, isn’t officially titled as a Norwegian county, but Norway governs the area. The Svalbard islands rest between Norway and the North Pole.

The Svalbard archipelago contains seven national parks and twenty three nature reserves spanning two-thirds of its surface.

Svalbard Airport holds the distinction of being the most northern airport in the world with scheduled public flights. Glaciers blanket 60% of the archipelago.

The Svalbard airport operates on a 2,483 metre runway.

After seeing the traffic congestion of the United Kingdom’s Gibraltar’s airport, there’s one thing we can appreciate about this remote facility. The Svalbard Airport holds 200 free outdoor parking spots.