The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


Los Angeles International Airport, United States

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The city of Los Angeles owns the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Each letter is pronounced, “L-A-X.” Los Angeles World Airports operates LAX. No airport in the Greater Los Angeles Area and even California is busier than LAX. LAX is the third most frequented airport in the United States.

LAX began in 1928. Throughout its long history, LAX attained notoriety for its numerous accidents

In 1971, a midair crash killed 44 people.

In 1991, another collision ended the lives of 12 people.

On New Year’s Eve 1999, Al-Qaeda tried a terrorist attack on the airport. Authorities captured Ahmed Ressam with a bomb forty times stronger than a car bomb.

There’s more to LAX than just accidents or tragedies.

In 2012, the airport impacted the economy with $14.9 billion. LAX also made a social difference in the community with $133.9 thousand.

In 2016, LAX served 80.9 million people.