The World’s Most Dangerous Airports

Gibraltar International Airport, United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence owns the Gibraltar International Airport. The Royal Air Force leverages the Gibraltar’s runways. Not to worry though, the airport is civilian-friendly.

However, there is something that should worry you. The History Channel labelled the Gibraltar the fifth most extreme airport.

If traffic on the road wasn’t bad enough, try adding airplanes into the mix.

The Gibraltar runway intersects with Winston Churchill Avenue. The street leads to area’s most prominent sports facility – Victoria Stadium.

Labourers built Gibraltar’s first terminal in 1959. This terminal size reached 220,000 square feet. The Ministry of Defence finished renovations in 2011. The new terminal totalled 380,000 square feet.

In 2016, the Gibraltar produced 4,968 aircraft movements. The airport’s combined aircraft operations carried 548,230 passengers and 404 tonnes of cargo.