The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


Kansai International Airport, Japan

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Does something feel a bit off with this island? If you thought something was, you’re right. This island sitting on Osaka Bay, Japan, is artificial.

In 1987, construction began. Builders formed the seawall with the rocks from three mountains.

The 3 km bridge linking Kansai International to the mainland cost $1 billion. The Kansai International Airport project cost $15 billion, one of the most pricey civil works ever constructed.

The total construction time logged 10 million work hours with 10,000 workers. The three year successful innovative project helped further future artificial island deposits.

However, Kansai International’s island did suffer from severe sinking. In 1994, the island sank 50 cm per year.

In 1995, the Kobe earthquake ravaged Japan’s mainland and killed 6,434 people. Kansai International survived unaffected.

In 2001, the American Society of Civil Engineers awarded Kansai International with the Civil Monument of the Millennium.

By 2008, developers limited the island’s sink rate to 7 cm per year.

In 2016, Kansai International listed as Japan’s 3rd busiest airport with 25.2 million passengers per year.