The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


Cleveland Hopkins International, United States

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The City of Cleveland owns the public Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The name derives from former city manager and founder, William R. Hopkins. Cleveland International’s longest runway is 3,034 metres long.

The Cleveland Hopkins International receives its significance from being the first airport in the world in many categories. In 1930, Cleveland Hopkins International contained the first air traffic control tower, the first runway lighting system, the first radio controlled ground and air system, and the first airport to separate arrivals and departures through a two-level terminal.

In the last decade, this airport received its fair share of negative criticism.

In 2013, the former free half-hour parking switched to $3.

In 2015, The Cleveland International Airport temporarily changed its pick-up and drop-off locations that inconvenienced passengers. In 2017, when the change became official, people voiced their disapproval through social media and media outlets.