The World’s Most Dangerous Airports


São Paulo–Congonhas Airport, Brazil

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Like Japan’s Futenma Airport, urban habitations surround Brazil’s São Paulo–Congonhas Airport.

Not only do pilots need to worry about flying over city infrastructure, São Paulo–Congonhas’ runways didn’t work well in the rain. The Brazilian government replaced the slippery runways for new ones with grooves that gather extra water.

The Brazilian government owns Infraero, the company that operates São Paulo–Congonhas Airport.
São Paulo–Congonhas airport opened in 1936.

The São Paulo–Congonhas, specializing in domestic flights, is South America’s busiest airport. In 2016, the Congonhas Airport yielded 20,816,957 passengers.

In 1996, an aircraft crashed after a Congonhas Airport take-off and killed all 96 people aboard the plane and three civilians on the ground.