50 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Amish

Boring Wedding Night

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In a modern-day society, it is expected that on the night of one’s big day, the newlyweds retire for a romantic evening, but for the Amish, things are done quite differently. There are far more interesting things to do on their wedding night, and lovemaking is not one of them. As if their weddings are not uneventful enough, it is expected that Amish newlyweds spend their wedding night at the bride’s parent’s house chatting until the following day. If you are family oriented and plan on keeping it really simple, this Amish tradition is essential for maintaining a good foundation.

Dolls Are Left Faceless


It is customary for children to play with dolls and Amish children are no exception to this leisure activity. However, there is one evident distinction; unlike dolls around the world, most Amish dolls are left faceless. For the Amish, everyone is equal in the eyes of God and having faces on the dolls would violate their religious customs. After all, vanity and pride are sinful. This difference of no facial features for the dolls is strictly religious and good business for the makers of Amish dolls. There are less Barbie trimmed noses and intricately designed facial structures to produce.

Adult Baptism

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For most Christians, baptism occurs as a child, but the Amish communities go through this at a later date. Keeping it Amish, they believe in adult Baptism since they are an Anabaptist group. It is their belief that because Jesus was baptized as an adult, this procedure must be followed in their customs. In other words, baptism is conducted on a voluntary basis, and it is a commitment made by the congregation to God. Being baptized in an Amish church has lifelong implications, and it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. On the plus side, one has until adulthood to think things through.


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Not all things Amish can be classified as monotonous; there are a few peculiar, but fun and exciting rituals that are permitted. When Amish children turn 16, they are allowed to engage in a special ritual referred to as Rumspringa. Though the word ‘rum’ in the name of this ritual is quite evident, it translates to jumping or hopping around. Amish teenagers are encouraged to leave their communities and experimenting as they see fit. This rite of passage, like its name suggests, may include Amish youths breaking their religious rules and exploring with alcohol, sex or drugs.

Bed Courtship

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Premarital sex is prohibited in Amish customs, but for Amish couples who are about to tie the knot, a test drive in bed is allowed. This is a step in the couple’s courtship and is considered an essential part of the process. Bed courtship usually requires the couple to talk all night without any touching. They are most definitely fully clothed throughout their conversation. If being completely dressed is not enough, some communities kick it up a notch, and an actual board is placed between the couple for the night, since no funny business is allowed.

Hand-Dug Graves

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Hand digging graves seem primitive by modern societal standards, so one may ask, ‘isn’t digging what a shovel was made for?’ Well, Amish traditions are beyond peculiar, and when it comes to burying fellow members of the community, the Amish must dig up all of their graves by hand. It is their belief that shovels are pieces of modern technology, therefore it is forbidden. For this reason, they are only allowed to dig graves with their hands, and a shovel must not be used. After all, doing it the old-fashioned way is an Amish tradition.