60 Celebs Who Died Without Anyone Noticing

The death of a world-renowned celebrity usually attracts a huge amount of media attention. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news of David Bowie passing away in 2016, and who can forget hearing the news that Michael Jackson had died in 2009?

News stories about deaths of popular celebs tend to dominate headlines for weeks at a time, but that’s not always the case when a celebrity retires or slips out of the limelight. Some celebrity deaths seem to go by completely unnoticed.

Throughout the years, which celebrities have passed away without any mention or attention from the media? Some of these deaths may come as a surprise to you!

1. Teena Marie

Image via oldcatlady.com

Mary Brockert AKA Tina Marie, was a big hit during the 80s under Motown Records. Well known for her vocal skill being filled with emotion and soul, her untimely end was unpredictable, to say the least. While in her hotel (in 2004), a picture just above her head, unhinged and made its way to the center of her skull. Needless to say, her bright future ended by way of a fallen picture frame. She did not die immediately which is why it was unnoticeable. She suffered much mental trauma and shortly after passed in 2010. Had it not been for her daughter Alia Rose, Tina’s death would’ve remained hidden.

2. Johnny Stopanato

Image via Dailymail.co

If anyone’s into gangs (more specifically, the mafia) they’d know about LA’s Micky Cohen. The important connection here is that Stopanato, was a bodyguard for this notorious Mob leader. Apparently, he died by a brutal stabbing, of which, we haven’t been able to pinpoint. Rumors say it was his ex-girlfriend, some say it was ex-girlfriend’s daughter who brought him to the knife. You’d think that someone as intimidating as himself would have died in his ‘line of work’. He probably didn’t foresee it happening so ‘close to home’.

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