In a monument-us landslide victory on the 31st of January 2018, Hong Kong passed legislation to ban the domestic sale of Ivory within the country. This was a huge moment for animal lovers and activists everywhere, as Hong Kong is home to one of the biggest ivory markets in existence.Read More →

From Ted Bundy to Charles Manson, serial killers have always been a subject of interest to the general public. Here we take a look at 40 of the most gruesome serial killers that shook the World. Ted Bundy Ted Bundy, full name Theodore Robert Bundy, is one of the mostRead More →

If there were some people left on the planet unaware of the horrible political climate in North Korea, it all changed once the news of the 22-year old American student who died after being detained by Kim Jong-Un for stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel room circled the globe.Read More →

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida Located about 68 miles west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dry Tortugas National Park is easily one of the most underrated in the US. It is mostly composed of crystal clear waters and 7 small islands, with native sea turtles onRead More →