If there were some people left on the planet unaware of the horrible political climate in North Korea, it all changed once the news of the 22-year old American student who died after being detained by Kim Jong-Un for stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel room circled the globe.Read More →

Different people look for different things when purchasing a house.  For some it is essential that the price meets their estimate budget, while others might prioritize the location. Then there’s a group of people that choose houses that are out of this world! Click the next button below to check outRead More →

Gardens by the Bay in Marina Bay, Singapore The Gardens by the Bay is found in Singapore, and it is among the top ten gardens around the entire world.  These gardens have been designed to become a premier urban outdoor space for recreation, and they have become the symbol forRead More →

If you’re really looking, you’ll notice a number of strange happenings in the world — both natural and seemingly unnatural. There are many strange animals in the world, and this article will help you learn more about 25 of them. Narwhal The narwhal, which rarely makes an appearance south of latitude 70°N,Read More →