50 Bucket List Delicacies from All Around the World

One of the most incredible aspects of modern travel is the fact that practically anyone with a plane ticket and a passport can enjoy delicacies that are just as foreign to the palate as the country’s sights are to the eyes. That being said, some of the foods are just so extreme, smelly–and even illegal–that many tourists don’t have a chance to get their hands on them.

Luckily, we live in a day in age where we have the magic of the internet to teach us all about these unlikely dishes. Here are 50 of the most intriguing, offensive, and just plain mind-blowing delicacies from all around the world…

(Spoiler alert: Get ready for your definition of ‘protein’ to be challenged!)

Bird’s Nest Soup (China)

Wikipedia Commons

This Chinese delicacy isn’t just a soup, it’s a medical concoction of sorts, mainly prescribed for digestive issues. With that said, the way in which this traditional dish is made isn’t at all appetizing. Hint: It’s chock-full of dried bird saliva!